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What kind of artwork is needed to print sponsor logos?
In most cases, we have logos for most of the well known national brands. We strive to use logos that are in the highest quality possible. If a logo you wish to include is from a local company (e.g. not publicly available) we ask that you contact the company and request a high-quality logo file. We would prefer AI or EPS files (a Vector file format). Vector files allow for the best quality when used in artwork. As a fall back, we can use JPEGs, JPG and some other image files (e.g. Tiff, PDF, etc) but the quality may not be as good and these types of files typically have a background that cannot be removed. PsychMxGrafix prides itself in producing quality items so we may contact you if the logo you have provided is unusable or unavailable. In addition to being uploaded during your order, logo files can be emailed to artwork@psychmxgrafix.com. If you have ANY questions or concerns, we would be happy to speak to you.

I don't see any colors I like in your color scheme or color palette. Is that all you have?
Our schemes and palettes are based on the most popular and most demanded colors, but that doesn't mean thats all we have. Because we use digital printing techniques, we have the ability to print any color and any amount of colors that you want. If you have a unique color idea for your bike or ATV graphics then let us know. Every product you purchase has a comment section in the form. Fill it out and let us know what colors you are interested in using. If you're not sure what colors would go well together, just let us know your basic thoughts and our designers will work to put together color options that compliment each other.

The design I want isn't displayed on a shape that will work on my ride?
With so many different models of bikes, ATV, and number plates, it is almost impossible to display every design on every template out there. When ordering make sure to fill out the options pertaining to the year, make, and model you own. When we layout your design we will use the appropriate template for your options and send you a proof with your design on the exact shapes that will fit what you own. We can even convert ATV graphics over to dirt bike kits and vise versa.

What kind of vinyl do you use?
Now come on! We can't reveal all of our secrets. We can tell you that the vinyl that we use is specially formulated to work specifically on the kinds of plastics that manufactures use to build your bike or ATV. Most amateur printers will swear that any vinyl will work, but trust us when we say it won't. Using the proper materials will ensure that your graphics won't fall off. The vinyl/laminate combination we use is a thick 18mil material that is designed to take its hits and still look, feel, and stick to your plastics or all season (or longer).

I don't care for any particular design on the website but I like the PsychMX style. Can you customize a design for me?
We love being creative and unique. Our designers would love to work with you personally to come up with a one-of-a-kind design that you can call your own. If you have an idea that you don't think anyone has ever seen, contact us at info@psychmxgrafix.com and we will work with you to make this idea a reality. There are certain costs associated with custom designs. For this reason we will ensure that your design will be exclusively yours. It will never appear on our site, without your permission, or as a product that can be purchased by anyone else.

What is Team PsychMx Racing?
Team PsychMX Racing is a group of riders that we have chosen that best represent our company values. We look for riders that display a hard work ethic, honor, sportsmanship, dedication, and a commitment to our sport. Do you think you have what it takes to be chosen as one of our elite? Fill out our very short form. When we receive your request, our Team PsychMX Racing representative will contact you with an official application. If your application is chosen we will conduct a one-on-one interview with you. This interview will be displayed on both our facebook page and on our website as we announce you as the newest member of Team PsychMX Racing.

How do you choose images for your gallery?
We always enjoy seeing your finished graphics after they have been installed on your vehicle. Feel free to take pictures and send them to info@psychmxgrafix.com. We are looking for crisp, clear images of your bike or ATV in the garage, at the track, or live action shots during the race. You can stand with your ride or just the ride by itself, its your choice. If the image is good enough, we would be more than happy to show it off to everyone. You can also tag us in Facebook photos and they will show up on our Facebook page.